hi there!

Rather than keeping my stuff personal I decided it would be more fun to throw it all over the internet. This is the wikileaks of my brain. All content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

I have a few accounts at various websites you might also be interested in: github where most of my code worth using goes, twitter which I rarely use, tumblr which you can see below and facebook; I'll let you find that one on your own. If you'd like, bitcoin donations can be sent to


If you would like to inform me of some serious facts or evidence, you can reach me at jeremy dot 006 at gmail dot com. You can also tell me if you like ampersands as much as I do.


Addressing The Greenhouse Problem (ETI Feb 1989) - I recently came into some old Australian Electronics Today International magazines and this was an article I found particularly interesting.

AVRs for friendly people {in progress} - Most guides are written for unfriendly people; I intend to change that.

Building a DIY CNC mill (sort of) {in progress} - My propensity for building things has reached its inevitable conclusion: I have decided to start building a CNC mill, one way or another.

Getting Started with the Linux Kernel and the Digilent Zybo/Xilinx Zynq - Getting started with the zybo is kind of tricky, here are some tips and tricks I worked out.

the (unofficial) guide to engineering at UQ - Stuck on your project? Here is what I wish someone told me when I was doing engineering.

Open Source Contributions - A list of my open source contributions

Regular expressions are the business! {in progress} - Processing things with a computer is hard. Unless you have regular expressions.

Getting Started with the STM32F4 and GCC - Using the STM32F4 Discovery board can be difficult if you don't want to pay for a commercial toolchain. Never fear, all of that hardware floating-point goodness is but a few clicks away.